Auditioning for LMNS

Live Music Now Scotland welcomes early career musicians from any musical tradition or genre, either as soloists or in groups of up to 5 people. Musicians need to be able, legally and practically, to work in Scotland.

The next round of auditions will take place in Glasgow on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 November 2021.

Who Can Apply

There is no need to have undergone formal higher education training, as musical and technical excellence coupled with a willingness to communicate through music in a wide range of settings are the driving forces in accepting musicians onto the scheme.

However, for musicians who have come through conventional educational routes, applications are most likely to be successful from those who have finished their advanced musical training and are beginning to establish themselves as professional performers. There is no age limit to audition.

At informal audition, applicants will perform for a panel of experienced musicians and relevant guest experts. They will be looking for:

  • an exceptional standard of musicianship
  • a varied and suitable choice of music
  • good communication skills and audience engagement
  • a commitment to the aims of Live Music Now

Over 2021/22, we’ll be piloting new ways of hearing artists who would like to be part of Live Music Now Scotland, designed especially for those whose musical experience has not followed a mainstream western educational pathway.

Most LMNS performances take place on weekdays during the day and we work around musicians’ other commitments to make these happen. 

In order to help cover our costs, LMNS charges a modest audition fee.

Register Interest for Auditions: Autumn 2021

Applications will be open from late August – 5pm on Friday 8 October 2021.

If you plan to apply to audition, please register you interest and we will send you notification of applications opening in August. For further information, download our detailed guidelines about auditioning and completing your application form.


I don’t have a band/group to perform with. Can I audition?

You can audition as a soloist and/or as part of a group of up to 5 people.

I’m an established musician and have been performing for many years. Is Live Music Now for me?

Probably not. Live Music Now is for musicians who are starting out in building their careers as professional performers.

I work during the day time. Can I still apply?

Most LMN performances take place on weekdays during the daytime. Any other commitments should allow you some availability during these times in order to be able to accept LMN work.

Is there any kind of music that isn’t suitable?

No, we welcome all styles of music. If you need to use electronic equipment you must be able to provide your own, transport it and be able to set up quickly and easily.

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper or lower age limit. Generally, musicians tend to be in their early to mid-twenties when they join LMNS.

How long would I remain on the scheme?

This is flexible, but usually musicians are with LMNS for between four and six years.

How much do we get paid?

Fees vary depending on the length and type of performance. These are reviewed annually in order to ensure that they are in accordance with MU/professional bodies’ guidelines. 

How much does it cost to audition?

A non-refundable audition fee of £25 per musician should be received with the application form. If you have any difficulty with paying the audition fee, or travel or other expenses, please get in touch.

My group can no longer attend our scheduled audition time.

Please advise LMNS immediately if this happens. We may be able to offer your space to another group. If you withdraw from audition less than 2 weeks before your scheduled audition date, and wish to re-apply in the future, your group will need to pay another audition fee.

I live outside the United Kingdom. Can I apply?

Only musicians who are resident and have permission to work in the UK may apply. You should also be able to work in Scotland without incurring travel or accommodation expenses to get here.

I am still a student. Can I apply?

Yes. However, you’ll need to think about whether you have time available to attend training and give performances on weekdays during the daytime, when most of our activity takes place. Tier 4 visa holders should consult their sponsoring higher education institutions for guidance on employment and external engagements. 

I am a Tier 4 visa holder. Can I apply?

Yes. Tier 4 visa holders should consult their sponsoring higher education institutions for guidance on employment and external engagements.  You also need to consider whether you have time available to attend training and give performances on weekdays during the daytime, when most performances take place.

Will I need to apply for a Disclosure Scotland PVG check?

All musicians accepted on to the scheme will undergo an Enhanced Disclosure Scotland PVG check.

Where will we be offered work?

Performances and workshops take place all over the UK and internationally in a wide variety of settings. Once accepted onto the scheme you may be asked to work anywhere, but it will mainly be in Scotland.

Do we have to play in all types of venues?

Live Music Now Scotland will try to organise work to suit you or your group. We will always ask first if you are happy to play in a particular kind of venue and if there are situations with which you are not comfortable, you will be able to say no to these.

How do I get to the venues?

Live Music Now Scotland does not provide or organise transport for you, but will pay travel expenses upon receipt of an invoice. Mileage rates are payable for car and bike and public transport should be the most economical.

When do performances take place?

Mostly on weekdays during the day. If you are working for a period of time away from your home-base, this means staying overnight in the part of the country where the work is taking place.

Do I have to accept all the work that LMN offers me?

No. If you are not available, another group will be offered the work.

Can I do other work as well as working for Live Music Now?

Yes. All musicians on the scheme are freelance/self-employed and tned to have portfolio careers.

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