Ailes Duo

Scottish pianist Eleanor Pugsley and French soprano Constance Grandperrin first met during their studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

After quickly establishing a shared connection and passion for music they began to work together, exploring the vast scope of classical music. They combine music from both France, Britain and Europe, including Hahn, Britten, Wagner, Duparc and Delibes. Individually, Eleanor and Constance are both rapidly emerging artists within their solo careers. Together, they look to explore music lesser known works and expand access to classical music.

Ailes Duo joined LMNS at the beginning of 2023. They look forward to the many opportunities to bring music to a diverse range of audiences.

What they play...

Sample of repertoire:
Der Engel - Wagner
Mondnacht - Schumann
Chanson triste - Duparc
Von ewiger Liebe - Brahms
Les filles de Cadix - Delibes
Gretchen am Spinnrad - Schubert
Ich atmet einen Lindenduft - Mahler
Si mes vers avaient des aile - Hahn
L’enamourée - Hahn
L’heure exquise by Hahn
Hôtel - Poulenc
Voyage à Paris - Poulenc

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