Alena Bulatetskaya

Alena Bulatetskaya is a classical accordion player from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Alena started to learn music at six and was encouraged by her family who are all amateur musicians. Her grandfather Viktor Bulatetsky was a balalaika player, who influenced her greatly and gave to her the most important things for every musician – love for music and patience.

Alena had a long and exciting journey through Russia’s three step education system: Sviridov Music School (2011), Lyceum (2013) and Rostov State Conservatory (2018) with amazing teachers Oxana Klevleeva and Professor Liudmila Varavina. During her studies Alena had a busy performing career, combining her solo and orchestra performances in Rostov Philharmonic Folk Orchestra ‘Don’.

“It was such an incredible performing experience – to be, to play, to live daily on the stage over three years. My work in the orchestra gifted me not only an absolute pleasure but a wide knowledge of repertoire. This feeling to be an Artist – it is truly priceless and wonderful.”

In 2018, thanks to an Erasmus Exchange Programme and ABRSM financial support Alena became a postgraduate student of Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Alena has studied with both Djordje and Andrea Gajic and worked closely with Huixin Hu (violin). Collectively they formed a bright and charming ensemble – Twogether Duo.

Alena Bulatetskaya is a prize winner of more than 40 music competitions, including Vilnius Accordion Competition (2019) and 100th Edinburgh Concerto Competition (2020). Alena joined Live Music Now in January of 2020 as a soloist and part of Twogether Duo.

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