Beth Malcolm and Heather Cartwright

Beth Malcolm (voice and piano) and Heather Cartwright (guitar and voice) are a modern folk-inspired duo. The pair perform their stories with tight harmonies. Together, they deliver traditional songs with fresh eyes. The song-writing explores themes of female friendship, growth and quarter-life crises.

Recently names Scots Singer of the Year 2022, Beth has been screchin’ out Ally Bally Bee since she was old enough to stand on stage. A pivotal moment for Beth was performing at the online Celtic Connections festival during lockdown, which led to her touring Germany in 2022 as part of a Young Trad ensemble. Recently, she has collaborated with Adam Holmes, Lewis McLaughlin and Gaelictronica sensation Niteworks’ with their hit track ‘John Riley’. Beth’s debut album ‘Kissed and Cried’ is due out Spring 2023.

Carlisle-born Heather Cartwright spent many years singing in choirs, participating in school productions, and learning guitar at secondary school. Heather would race home from school, to spend hours playing fingerstyle guitar at home. Happily, she went on to train in Traditional Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Upon graduating in 2022, she set out on tour with Hannah Rarity for a month-long tour in Austria. During this time, Beth discovered Heather’s playing online, and they have been writing, performing and laughing together ever since.

With a summer of festivals ahead of them, Heather and Beth are excited to join the Live Music Now Scotland family, and share their music to new audiences. The pair are inspired by the notion of oral culture, and giving back to those communities who taught them songs in the first place.

What they play...

Folk Police - Beth Malcolm
Beautiful - Beth Malcolm
Leavin Loch Leven - Beth Malcolm
Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones
Kissed and Cryed - Beth Malcolm
Doon Yonder Den
Frieda Kahlo
Growing - Beth Malcolm
Scapa Flow - Kris Drever
Jute Mill Song
Lighthouse -Beth Malcolm
Northwards - Beth Malcolm
Achiltibuie - Jim Malcolm
Worker’s Song - Dick Gaughan
Braw Sailin
Choose My Company - Beth Malcolm
May You Never - John Martyn
Kissed and Cryed - Beth Malcolm

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