Lark Duo

Soprano, Ines Mayhew-Begg, and Violinist, Lisa Robertson, bring a unique combination to the classical concert stage as Lark Duo.

Giving expression to under-represented composers, Lark Duo invite audiences from all walks of life to experience the melodious and enchanting quality of voice and violin together. They enjoy performing classical, contemporary, new commissions, folk and improvisatory repertoire.

Ines is an experienced recitalist and opera singer, performing regularly for prestigious venues and music societies around the UK such as Kings Place, St Giles Cathedral and The National Gallery of Scotland. She is a keen educator, work-shop leader and advocate of the fair access to music scheme. As well as playing the violin, Lisa is a composer with an interest in combining sounds of nature and traditional music. Her work has been recorded by The Sixteen and performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, EXAUDI, Red Note Ensemble, Psappha Ensemble, Hebrides Ensemble, Lucy Schaufer, Heather Roche and others.

Both Ines and Lisa share a passion for bringing communities together with their warm story focused performances that defy conventional concert moulds. They hope to connect with people through song, bring a smile to faces and inspire an escape from our fast-paced lives. Ines and Lisa join the Live Music Now Scotland Scheme together in 2023.

What they play...

Vaughan Williams
Rebecca Clarke
Scottish Folk Song arrangements
Kaija Saariaho
Improvisations & new commissions

LInks & Channels

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