The Fountaineers

The Fountaineers perform classic Bluegrass and old-time repertoire and formed during the first lockdown in 2020. Individually, the band were seeking new ways to collaborate during isolation and so they got together regularly to jam in the Kelvingrove Park fountain, sparking an appreciative local to dub them The Fountaineers.

Since forming, they have become musical relatives, woven together through their dedication to Old Time and Bluegrass music. Michael Wright (guitar), Callum Morton-Teng (mandolin), Jeri Foreman (fiddle) and Rob Hart (banjo) bring traditional classics and contemporary explorations of Bluegrass and Old-time repertoire to festivals across UK and Europe, debuting at La Roche Bluegrass Festival 2022. Their admiration for the innovation of bluegrass and acoustic string band music, has inspired them to form their unique blend of vocal harmonies and accompaniment style, with buoyant musical improvisation intertwined throughout.

In 2022 they released their debut EP, a 5-track love-letter to traditional bluegrass classics, recorded and printed in Scotland. The Fountaineers joined the LMNS Scheme in 2023.

What they play...

The Fountaineers
Setlist September 2022
Set 1
Key Title Feel Composer
A Train on the Island UP Tim O’brien
E Highway 40 Blues Nostalgic Larry Cordle
E Pitching Wedge Fast Adam Steffey
E Innisfree Groove Joe K. Walsh
A Old Home place Grassy The Dillards
Em Little Sadie Odyssey Traditional
G I’ve waited as long as I can Energy The Blom Brothers
Dm Manzanita Powerful Tony Rice
F Lonesome Pine Sentimental Wayne Taylor
F Speed the Plow Warm Traditional

Set 2
Key Title Feel Composer
E Dawg grass Playful David Grisman
E Why you been gone Bop Hylo Brown
A Goodbye Liza Jane Driving Traditional
A Dim Lights Cosy Joe & Rose Maphis, Max Fidler
Gm Hops of Guldenberg Stirring Punch Brothers
G Head over heels Uplifting Lester Flatt
D Missouri Borderlands Ballad Joe Newberry
Bm Homer the Roamer Sublime John Hartford
A Big Spike Hammer Lonesome Pete Goble, Bobby Osborne
B No.6 Barn dance Impactful Jim Van Cleve
B Cold Sheets Rousing Randall Hylton
La Roche Bluegrass Festival 2022
The Fountaineers full line-up

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