The LMNS Experience

LMNS develops the potential of talented musicians at the start of their careers, helping enable them to build their professional practice and personal life in Scotland. We provide emerging musicians with paid performance opportunities, training, personal and professional development support.

Benefits to musicians on the scheme include:

  • Paid professional performance opportunities
  • Development of communication skills
  • Personal development experience: meeting a wide variety of people in different settings which develops your personal awareness and the confidence to cope in any situation
  • Musically enriching experiences: a chance to reconnect with the reason you became a musician after years of focusing on technique and discover for yourself the transformative power of music
  • Invaluable training and professional development

During a musician’s time on the scheme:

  • Musicians are typically on the scheme for 4 years, although this can be individually tailored
  • A range of paid engagements are offered during musicians’ time on the scheme
  • Performances and workshops take place in a variety of settings including schools, care homes, local communities, libraries, galleries, concert halls, hospitals and online.
  • Musicians have access to a range of training, development and mentoring opportunities
  • Musicians are part of the wider Live Music Now network across Europe

LMNS musicians, whether soloists or groups of up to five people, may come from all musical traditions and cultures. Musicians apply to join the scheme because they want the benefits of working with a wide range of audiences and an opportunity to develop their skills and talents.

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