Children & Young People

We offer bespoke workshops and performances for children and young people, many with a range of needs including those whose access to live music might be restricted due to additional support needs, rural isolation or challenging circumstances.

Each year, our musicians deliver hundreds of performances and workshops, bringing joy and inspiration to thousands of children and young people. For many of them, it will have been their first experience of live music.

Credit: Rachel Keenan

Where do we work?

LMNS works in a range of settings for young people including:

  • Early Years
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Special Schools
  • Youth groups
  • Specialist music schools
  • Families
  • Children in Challenging Circumstances including Looked After Children
  • Local authorities to deliver Youth Music Initiative projects
  • Intergenerational projects pairing early years centres with care homes

What can young people experience?

We offer a variety of sessions, ranging from one-off concerts, creative music projects to longer term residency programmes, tailored to suit the needs of young people. Our musicians consult with staff in the planning and delivery of all activities. There is the option to include staff CPD in our programmes, building confidence to use musical activities in the classroom.

Why is live music so important?

It is important that all children and young people have access to high quality musical experiences. Not only is it an enjoyable experience, but taking part in regular music-making has been proven to make a major contribution to children’s learning, social and personal development in areas including:

  • Exploring and expressing feelings non-verbally, developing conversational skills.
  • Improving mood; developing life skills such as turn-taking, collaborating, teamwork; increasing social interaction and self-confidence.
  • Improving concentration, memory and developing creativity.
  • Encouraging intentional movement, developing motor skills.

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“I can only think of music as inherent in every human being – a birthright. Music co-ordinates mind, body and spirit.”Yehudi Mehuin

Projects for Children & Young People

We have a number of specially designed projects for children of all ages and abilities. While some projects have been created with ages/abilities in mind, each can be adapted in order to suit the needs of the group.

Traditional Tunes for Tiny People

Playtime is Pàistean with Traditional Tunes

Together in Tune

Big Music for Little Ears

Pitch, Pulse and Magic

Tricks in Traditional Tunes

Join Our Band

Musician in Residence: Additional Support for Learning Schools

Live Music Now Scotland Pathways

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Making a Difference...

How LMNS is providing music and opportunities for people across Scotland.

Babies and toddlers can discover traditional Scottish tunes from an early age, thanks to interactive performances with LMNS artists.

From childhood audience member to talented young musician - a meeting of two LMNS clasarch players.

I really wanted the piece to be interactive. I wanted the audience and the performers to enjoy it, and to give them something to take away.

In support of #ClassicalCOP26 we feature our range of sustainable focused projects.

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