Emerging Musicians

Scotland has always enjoyed a wealth of musical talent, whether classical artists of international calibre, Scottish traditional musicians singing and playing a vast range of instruments, jazz virtuosos, and, increasingly, musicians from a diverse range of cultures.

LMNS helps the most talented of the country’s musicians develop their careers through the essential experience of performing for an audience and offering a portfolio of training opportunities on both creative and practical aspects of their working lives. In helping musicians build sustainable careers in Scotland, LMNS supports artists in growing their confidence as performers, allowing them to pilot new repertoire and plan programmes. Most importantly, working with Live Music Now Scotland connects musicians with people and communities in every one of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, with music as the intangible driving force that changes lives.

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Making a Difference...

How LMNS is providing music and opportunities for people across Scotland.

When our live programme of concerts was cancelled last year, we took our music online instead, with a colourful selection of workshops and performances.

In support of #ClassicalCOP26 we feature our range of sustainable focused projects.

I really wanted the piece to be interactive. I wanted the audience and the performers to enjoy it, and to give them something to take away.

Babies and toddlers can discover traditional Scottish tunes from an early age, thanks to interactive performances with LMNS artists.

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