What We Do

Music for Everyone

Live Music Now Scotland gives outstanding young artists the opportunity of performing at the start of their careers and enables high-quality live music to reach people throughout our communities, especially those who wouldn't normally have access to it.
LMNS offers bespoke performances for adults and older people, many with a range of needs including living with dementia, rural isolation or additional support needs.
We offer bespoke workshops and performances for children and young people, many with a range of needs including those whose access to live music might be restricted due to additional support needs, rural isolation or challenging circumstances.
We collaborate with partner organisations to put on public performances, enabling even more people to experience live music.
We can support communities and groups in inspiring, enriching and transforming people’s lives through music.
We regularly commission composers based in Scotland and have led the way in creating new works for audiences and performers outwith the concert hall.
Live Music Now is an international movement, with branches in Europe and offshoots inspired by Live Music Now in the USA and South America.

Making a Difference...

How LMNS is providing music and opportunities for people across Scotland.

Babies and toddlers can discover traditional Scottish tunes from an early age, thanks to interactive performances with LMNS artists.

When our live programme of concerts was cancelled last year, we took our music online instead, with a colourful selection of workshops and performances.

I really wanted the piece to be interactive. I wanted the audience and the performers to enjoy it, and to give them something to take away.

I spoke with my deaf friends a lot and have a good general grasp of what works in terms of harmonies. Lower notes and vibrations tend to be less painful.

We'd Love to Hear from You!

We are always happy to discuss new projects, opportunities or ways that we can help make music happen in your venue or community.