Grace Stewart-Skinner

Grace is a vibrant up-and-coming clàrsach player from the Scottish Highlands who lives with cerebral palsy. She has been surrounded by Traditional Scottish music her whole life and is passionate about sharing it with as many people as possible. Grace graduated with a MAHons in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh which broadened her knowledge of Scotland’s traditions and culture, along with strengthening her skills in the Gaelic language. She aims to give her audiences a glimpse into the wonderful world of Scottish culture and even include a sprinkling of Gaelic in her performances. Grace has worked on several commission compositions, including ‘The Rose Window’ as a part of the Spirt of the Highlands: Spirt 360 project.

Living with a disability, Grace has first hand experience of the incredible therapeutic value music can have. She is extremely excited to join the Live Music Now Scotland team in 2023 and is privileged to have the opportunity to bring music to everyone!

What they play...

Mrs Jamison’s Favourite/Keep you in peace
Sìne bhàn
The Skye Boat Song
The Eriskey Love Lilt
Marnie Swanson’s
Maggie West
The Gathering/Mary MacDonald’s
Mason de Glacé/Garsach Lasses
Ayden River
Seals at Rhu

LInks & Channels

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