The Willows

The Willows are a folk duo from Scotland composed of Jake McFadyen (he/him) and Cit Lennox (they/them). Their music is instantly recognisable from the singers’ unique voices—McFadyen’s rich and resonant voice is married beautifully with Lennox’s ethereal, lingering tone—as well as their profound lyrics and harmonious blend of rustic acoustic guitar and enchanting fiddle.

As proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community, McFadyen and Lennox, as a trans man and non-binary person respectfully, use their music to share their personal experiences, baring their hearts in every song, and this vulnerability allows ‘The Willows’ to form an unprecedented bond with their audience. Both members have been heavily involved in community music making, and grew up with music as not just a pastime but a tool for wellness, emotional expression and healing. They started working with LMNS in January 2023.

What they play...

Original songs with close harmonies, along with an eclectic cover or two, past examples include Johnny Cash, Kate Bush and Lewis Capaldi.

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