Jacques Carroll-Leitao

Jacques is a musician of many talents. He performs on many different instruments in many different styles, as well as writing his own compositions and improvising. Whilst his main instrument is the classical guitar, he is always keen to perform on his other instruments. These include the renaissance lute, baroque guitar and theorbo, as well as various other styles of modern guitar like flamenco, jazz, and Scottish traditional.

Jacques enjoys contrasting these instruments and styles in concert, taking people on a journey through time and space with the power of music. His favourite programmes are either today’s music from all across the world, or British music from the last 500 years played on various instruments.

Growing up just outside Glasgow, Jacques always aspired to be a professional musician. After finding his passion music and guitar, he began studying at Douglas Academy Music School in Milngavie. He then studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he now continues to work towards a PhD centred on improvisation in classical music.

He also found a passion for composition, jazz, lute and theorbo playing throughout his studies at RCS. He now does all of these professionally. Jacques likes to mix these influences into his compositions, citing his mixed European heritage as an inspiration for his eclectic soundworld. Jacques also strongly advocates for musicians to compose and improvise more. He tries to encourage this by frequently championing less complex types of composition, which people might feel less daunted about attempting. Recently he won a competition for composers, resulting in a commission from the Cantilena Festival on the Isle of Islay.

Jacques has performed alongside NYOS Symphony and Jazz Orchestras, Scottish Chamber Choir, Elspeth McVeigh and Mairi Lawson. He has performed as a soloist in prestigious Scottish venues such as Rosslyn Chapel and Pittencrief House.

Outside of music, Jacques enjoys archery and hiking. Jacques joined Live Music Now Scotland in 2024.

What they play...

Greensleeves – Anonymous (3 minutes)
Phrygian Ricercar – Marco Dall’Aquila (2 minutes)
Ricercars 39+38 – Francesco Da Milano (5 minutes)
La Traditora – Marco Dall’Aquila (2 minutes)

Baroque Guitar:
Canaries Jig – Gaspar Sanz (4 minutes)
Folias D’Espagne – Improvisation (5 minutes)

Chaconne en Sol - Robert De Visee (7 minutes)

Classical Guitar:
Samba – Original (6 minutes)
Étude No. 6 – Original (4 minutes)
Campiña Andaluza – Sabicas / Flamenco Traditional (4 minutes)

Steel-String Acoustic Guitar :
Fear a' Bhàta - traditional (3 minutes)
Da Full Rigged Ship / Da New Rigged Ship – traditional (5 minutes)
Tam Lin (The Glasgow Reel) – traditional (5 minutes)

Electric Guitar :
Samba – Original – (6 minutes)
Ain’t Misbehavin – Fats Waller/Joe Pass (5 minutes)

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